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Really nice game!

Thanks for playing! I loved the video!


I promise and deliver, here you go, this was a lovely and fun experience :)

Thanks man! The video was hilarious! Kind of surprised you got through it so easy, most people get stuck on the car level.


I almost failed that one because i got cocky lol i was surprised myself, it was quite a challenge :)


Some slight suggestions would be a way to show your health or how many hits you have until you die.  Couldn't get past the car one only because i rage out at video game cars apperently xD but you should have two dotted yellow lines to show where the roads are inbetween instead of just one. But the airplane one was quite easy and i would suggest making the rockets a bit more durable because i didnt know the red ones shot rockets until i started ignoring it. Over all nice game, pretty creative keep it up :D

Thank you for all of this great feedback, I will definitely take it into consideration! You can also suggest level ideas if you want.


Lol this is my first time on itch and i bought the game for a dollar then made an account before i can download xD, still gonna buy again but for $0.50 this time whoopsie

Thank you so much! I might just have to give you my next game for free!


50 cents is still extremely low, so I sort of feel bad saying this, but while there is a 50% off sale going on right now -bringing it down to 25 cents - Itch won't accept anything below 50 cents.  Though, I did still buy it at 50 cents, so it really isn't that big of a deal. 

Thank's a lot for letting me know about this, I'll try and find a way around this. Thanks for buying my game and I hope you enjoy it!

And if you want, you can suggest any level ideas.